September 09, 2016
Written by: Mark Fairall

We have just learned we have been hacked. On 08/03/2016, Mark received word from Banner Health that his confidential information may have been hacked on 06/17/2016. It was HACKED! Please do not approve anything odd or any new accounts in our name. We are sorry for any inconvenience. We try to earn your trust and continued support in our elder abuse prevention efforts.

Mark’s Medicare was charged in July, 2016, for services he did not receive but it was paid by the insurance company. Now our Facebook has been HACKED which could affect our 5,000 member friends. It took us nearly four years of hard work to acquire 5,000 Friends on our Facebook where we post daily elder abuse prevention information. We have spent nearly 10 hours speaking to Banner Health, speaking to Kroll Breach ID Monitoring Services, and changing passwords on all social media and banking accounts. Identity theft is a nightmare.

Sadly, the identity monitoring services offered by Banner Health for their negligence is only for one year and it is very minimum. Banner Health needs to be held responsible for this identity theft problem. Banner Health needs to be responsible for all the victims’ financial and time losses for their negligence which resulted in the identity theft of their patients.

I was hacked. Please read this post how to spot a fake Facebook. The points are:
1. Important to spot – con artist.
2. Ask them question why a second Facebook.
3. Do detective work.
4. Read profile carefully …my fake profile had all wrong dates.
5. Check out profile picture.
6. Check name online.
7. Check out the friends…my new fake Facebook had only 10 friends.
8. Block the fake Facebook request.
9. Wait and do not Friend right away on new Facebook.
10. Beware of internet referrals.
11. Look for record inconsistencies…I am a student in High School on the fake Facebook.
12. Look for strange behavior.
13. Beware of fake promises.
14. Unfriend them.

I have unfriend everyone on the fake Facebook. I have reported this to the authorities, Facebook, and our attorney. A class action lawsuit is in process. This was caused by my confidential information being breached by the Banner Health data theft. The hacker even charged my Medicare for services I did not receive. I apologize for this inconvenience. The hacker messed with the wrong person with us. He will be caught and Banner Health will be held responsible for this problem.

Banner Health had a cyber-attack which could exposed 3.7 million medical records. I was one of the people hacked on my Medicare account, Facebook account, Twitter account, and YELP account. The hacker is contacting our Facebook friends asking for confidential information in a fake account. I have lost 10 Facebook Friends from our 5,000 friends because of this hack problem. I was charged for services that I did not receive on my Medicare. The hacker is trying to get confidential information from our friends.

If you have been hacked, you need to file a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint which I did. This can be done online but you need to mail the long time consuming form to the FTC with signatures. We are dealing with Weitz and Luxenberg in New York City for a class action lawsuit.

According to the newspaper article stolen credit cards sell for $1 on the black mark. These medical record hacks sell for $75 a piece on the black market. It is reported that the hospitals have failed to properly update their cyber security systems. I am still waiting after five days for the paperwork for the marginal coverage one-year identity theft program offered by Banner Health.

I have spent over 60 hours on this cyber theft changing passwords, communication to my Facebook friends, dealing with Banner Health, and documenting the crime for the attorney. This is a nightmare!

Source: Banner Health faces lawsuits in wake of security breach | GreeleyTribune.com
Banner Health now ranks among several medical providers vulnerable to cyberattacks in recent years. They now also are a part of those being sued for…

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) just reached a $5.55 million fine in August 2016 with Advocate Health Care Network for the violation of the HIPPA Law (confidentiality of patient’s health records). That cybercrime took place between July and November in 2013. It affected more than 4 million patient records. It took three years for the investigation to be completed in order to reach a settlement fine amount. This is for Federal Prosecution for law breaking and class action lawsuits usually settle faster for undisclosed amounts.
The settlement was determined by extent, length, and lack of safeguards of patient records. Other HIPPA settlements have been $2.75 million fine from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson and $2.7 million fine from Oregon Health and Science University in Portland.

OCR Director, Jocelyn Samuels, stated: “hope(s) this settlement sends a strong message to covered entities that they must engage in a comprehensive risk analysis and risk management to ensure that individuals’ ePHI is secure.” (ePHI means: Electronic Protected Heath Information)

If you received a letter from Banner Health saying your confidential information may have been compromised don’t ignore it! Banner Health has been highly negligent in protecting their patients’ records and it doesn’t appear they are really sorry. The one-year credit protection offered is not long enough because the “hack problem” can exist for three years. The identity theft credit protection offered by Banner Heath is very minimal. It only covers five credit cards for protection. Identity theft can attack your bank accounts, social media accounts, and insurance coverage.

Source: Data Breaches Lead to Record-Breaking HIPAA Settlement | Lexology
Advocate Health Care Network (Advocate), one of the nation’s largest health care systems, recently reached a $5.55 million settlement with the…

My confidential information was stolen at BANNER HEALTH’S food/beverage point of sale terminal. I have been hacked in the following areas:
1. Banking account,
2. Medicare charges,
3. Duplicate Facebook account,
4. Yelp account,
5. Twitter account,
6. LikeIn, and
7. COX email account.

Do not ignore the letter from Banner Health saying they might have had your confidential information stolen. When you read the new class action lawsuit filed against Banner Health, the following points made are:
1. Banner Health failed to run the food/beverage point-of-sale (POS) charges separate from hospital POS payments.
2. Banner Health was hacked before in 2014 affecting 50,000 people.
3. Banner Health has delayed notices and has not mailed all 3.7 million possible hack warnings to their patients.
4. The identity theft service offered by Banner Health is very poor and too limited at one-year.
5. Banner Health is failing to give the potential exposure to your medical information and does not cover any costs for its protect.
6. The Banner Health hack is very difficult for children to be protected.

The lawsuit stated the average class action settlement is $13,500 for losses. That is not enough! The lawsuit says these hacked hospital records sell for $1,000 on the Black Market.

We had our Facebook HACKED because a separate unauthorized one was set up. The hacker sent notices to our existing Facebook Friends about the second account on 08/31/2016. This is a new scam that allows the hacker to infect computers which signup on a fake Facebook account. This dangerous virus allows the hackers the ability to steal confidential information from Facebook Friends’ computers.
On 08/31/2016, an unauthorized Facebook was set up in the name of “Mark Fairall.” The Banner Health data breach, this happened to me, gave the hacker all my confidential information that they needed to setup the fake Facebook in my name.

I became aware that my identity had been stolen because my Medicare was charged for services I did not receive. Some of my Facebook Friends contacted me asking about the second account. I realized my Facebook had been HACKED. I was able to change passwords and the HACK exposure lasted only two days from 08/31/2016 to 09/01/1016. However, the damage was done with the following:
1. 10 Facebook Friends signed onto the unauthorized Facebook and possibly got a confidential information stealing virus. I have informed those people to do a virus scan.
2. 14 fake Facebook Friends signed onto the unauthorized Facebook which made it look busy.
3. 17 existing Facebook Friends were selected by the Hackers to be followed. The followed Facebook Friends were news reporters, large company leaders, elder justice advocates, and a private investigator. It appears the hackers were monitoring if their scam had become discovered.

I have traced my fake Facebook HACK to Sharya Russia. It appears my Facebook HACK originated in Russia. According to internet reports the Russia Hackers are the newest and biggest threat of confidential information stealing from American computers.

It is important to investigate duplicate Facebook accounts and not approve them immediately. Once you have approved the unauthorized Facebook your computer might become infected with a confidential information stealing virus. The Hackers then have access to your confidential information. The Banner Health data breach has reached beyond their patients to the friends of their patients. I have tried for four days to get Facebook to close the phony Facebook without any success.

Source: Facebook users warned over deadly virus from fake emails. Facebook users urged to take precautions following a virus threat from fake notification emails
HOME.BT.COM: http://home.bt.com/tech-gadgets/tech-news/facebook-users-warned-of-virus-threat-from-fake-notification-emails-11364070204483 – .V855oRzK2iY.facebook

Banner Health is offering a free credit monitoring system through Kroll to the 3.7 million victims of the hospital’s cyber-attack.

The Kroll system provides the following:
1. Alerts if credit is applied for in your name,
2. Alerts to internet sites that sell personal information,
3. Fraud consultation with a licensed investigator,
4. Fraud restoration with a licensed investigator, and
5. One-year free coverage.

Kroll does not offer a longer than one-year credit protection system even though the problem may exist for at least three years. Kroll does not offer any protection of your medical records. Kroll fails to pay for any costs to obtain your medical records. The Banner Health offered credit service is very limited to only five credits cards. Kroll does not offer any protection to bank accounts. The Kroll credit monitoring system fails to fully protect the victims of the Banner Health data breach.

A second class action lawsuit has been filed against Banner Health by another law firm, Emerson Scott located in Houston Texas, for the damages of the victims from the data breach. The data breach may cause the theft of your identity which could ruin your credit, limit your medical coverage, and destroy your reputation.

The Kroll credit motoring system is not in the top 10 credit monitoring systems. Kroll’s cost is only $50 for a year for the limited credit monitoring. Kroll does not offer any identity theft insurance. One-million-dollar insurance coverage for any losses from identity theft is offered by the top three credit protection companies: Identity Guard, Identity Force, and ID Shield. Banner Health is doing the least it can do to protect its patients from being victims of identity theft. Take it because it is better than nothing!

Source: Members – Banner Health
Banner Health is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the information we maintain. Regrettably, this notice is to inform our Banner health plan members and their beneficiaries of a cyber-attack involving member information.


The FBI has reported that social media HACKERS have quadrupled in the past five years. In 2015, Facebook has become the most common social media site used by criminals to install malware (viruses). It is estimated that 31 million (2%) Facebook sites are fakes and used only by cyber criminals to download viruses in order to steal confidential information.

Our “Mark Fairall” Facebook was hacked with a second fake Facebook that was illegally setup on 08/31/2016. Our existing Facebook Friends were asked to join the fake Facebook. My confidential information was stolen in the recent Banner Health data breach which could affect 3.7 million patients. The 2015 Anthem Health hospital cyber breach affected 80 million records of patients. Those hackers used LinkedIn to expand the hack from patients to friends of the patients. Those cyber criminals used the malware (virus) called “Hammertoss” to steal data.

We became aware of our Facebook hack on 09/01/2016. However, ten of our regular Facebook Friends from our existing 5,000 member Facebook took the bait and were hacked. We have contacted those ten Facebook Friends and informed them of the hack problem and to do a virus scan. We have spent six days informing Facebook about the hack but to date Facebook has failed to shut down our fake dangerous second Facebook. This has been a huge problem for us and our Facebook Friends. The dangerous second fake Facebook still exists and is attacking new members that we do not know.

The Banner Health data breach of my confidential records has led to the hacking of my other social media accounts, which are: Twitter, Likein, and YELP. Banner Health delayed informing me of the cybercrime and failed to inform me of the possible scope of the data breach. Sadly, the Banner Health’s credit monitoring system offered through KROLL offers no protection for any social media accounts.

Facebook is dangerous. We have caught a crook trying to steal with wild gold investment scheme. In January 2016, we worked with INTERPOL and caught the criminal posting as an army officer selling gold. Facebook was very responsive then but times have changed. Now the Facebook criminal problem has grown so large that it is failing to protect its users from even fake Facebook sites. Be careful using Facebook. Do not click on requests for a new Facebook Friend without knowing who it is or if it is real!

SOURCE: http://www.darkreading.com/attacks-breaches/why-social-media-sites-are-the-new-cyber-weapons-of-choice/a/d-id/1326802

The Dark Web is 500 times larger than the web. Most computer users are unaware of this internet area but this is where the illegal activities take place. This part of the web is not on GOOGLE but the crooks actively use it to sell confidential information. Stolen medical record information can sell for several hundreds of dollars per hacked hospital victim (a regular credit card number sells for a dollar).

My confidential information from the Banner Health data breach has reached the Deep Web and is being sold. My confidential information was stolen in the Banner Health data breach along with 3.7 million other patients’ social security number, addresses, medical records, and insurance details. This hack exposes the hacked victim and their friends to identity theft.

I am aware of this level of identity theft exposure because my social media accounts (Facebook, LikedIn, and YELP) are being hacked. The cyber criminals are attempting to get confidential information from my social media friends.

One hacker called “the Dark Overlord” was reported in June of having 655,000 patients’ healthcare records for sale. These cyber hackers even extort large amounts of money from hospital to avoid being cyber breached. Sadly, confidential is very profitable to sell and can cause problems to the hacked victims for many years.

This new level of the Banner Health data breach will soon be made public. I are aware of this because I am now being represented by the law firm WEITZ AND LUXENBURG in its class action lawsuit filed against Banner Health on 08/26/2016.

Source: Hacker looks to sell 655,000 alleged patient healthcare records on the dark web | Fox News A hacker claims to be selling 655,000 alleged patient healthcare records on the dark web, containing information such as social security numbers, addresses, and… http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2016/06/27/hacker-looks-to-sell-655000-alleged-patient-healthcare-records-on-dark-web.html

I have filed five complaints to Facebook concerning the fake second “Mark Fairall” account. Facebook has failed to take any action and states the fake Facebook does not violate any Facebook Rules. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission for my identity theft, fraud, and unfair business practice by Banner Health. I have filed a Medicare Fraud complaint to the Arizona Attorney General.

I signed the Weitz and Luxenberg CLASS ACTION RETAINER AGREEMENT on 09/01/2016. That law firm had already filed a class action lawsuit in Arizona through the law firm of Gallagher and Kennedy on 08/26/2016 against Banner Health, an Arizona Corporation and Banner – University Medical Group, an Arizona Corporation. The lawsuit is for the following:

Count 1: Negligence
Count 2: Negligence per HIPAA Law and FTC Act
Count 3: Negligence per ARS 44-7501(A) – Arizona Date Breach Law – Delay of Notification
Count 4: Promissory Estopped
Count 5: Negligent Misrepresentation
Count 6: Unjust Enrichment
Count 7: Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Count 8: Breach of Right of Privacy


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