William “Bill” Mundell failed as career Arizona politician. Since 1980 he has been judge, lawmaker, and a member of two state agencies. He was fired in February 2015 from his last job as the head of the Registrar of Contractors (ROC). Governor Ducey fired William “Bill” Mundell during his first month as the Arizona Governor for incompetence based homeowner complaints and a state audit of the ROC.

The Arizona auditor, Debbie Davenport, reported in 2013 that the ROC record-keeping was a mess with 20% of its records were missing or duplicated plus 40,000 ROC records had inaccurate information. The damning state audit reported that through Mundell’s ROC leaderships that he failed to provide the protection for homeowners from bad contractors that they were entitled by the law. Specifically, the auditor stated the ROC failed to properly investigate homeowner complaints and many were wrongly closed. The state audit reported that the ROC failed timely investigate homeowner complaints which caused the delayed state contractor recovery trust reimbursements and more undue homeowner financial hardships. Lastly, the state audit reported that the ROC failed to keep up in communication with the homeowners which resulted in bad contractors never resolving their construction problems or failing to pay the required homeowner reimbursements. This can be verified by the state report posted online at:


We suffered over $100,000 in damages from a bad contractor. We filed a ROC complaint in January 2014 listing over 60 construction problems and violations to building codes. The ROC closed our complaint after six months stating that: “We failed to allow the contractor to repair the problems.” That was untrue because we required our bad contractor to repair the substandard work under the guidance of our new contractor. But that was refused by our old bad contractor. We thought that was fair because we had been physically threatened with harm and our house had been sabotaged with a crimped waterline.

However, the ROC failed to follow the law. The ROC did not even penalize our bad contractor who was not properly licensed since he failed to have the required qualified party (state licensed contractor) at the time he was hired. All communications to the ROC’s Bill Mundell were ignored. We complained that we were under attack with cut electrical lines, poisoned trees, and slashed tires but Mundell did nothing. The court approved Injunctions Against Harassment to protect us from the bad contractor and his worker. We won a $3,800 lawsuit against us filed by the bad contractor even after we had paid nearly $14,000 for substandard work. We have discovered that our bad contractor story was not the only story because many homeowners were harmed by Mundell’s ROC and they also got no help from the ROC. Sadly, those bad contractors were allowed to stay in business and hurt more Arizona homeowners with bad home repair work because the ROC did nothing to stop their criminal activities.

William “Bill” Mundell failed at the ROC as documented by a state audit plus many complaints from homeowners. Mundell should not be elected to the Arizona Corporation Commission.



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