Sun Grove Resort Village (SGRV) is a senior living facility located at 10134 W. Mohawk Ln., Peoria, AZ 85382. SGRV was built 30 years ago. SGRV consists of 11 buildings which house 86 separate apartments and a main club house. SGRV was one of the 23 senior living facilities destroyed by the AREI/Oakdale Heights Ponzi Scheme. The mastermind, James Koenig, was sentenced to 43-years in jail for defrauding 2,000 investors of $250 million and destroying 23 senior living facilities. The judge said it was the elder abuse of nearly 2,500 elderly in all the damaged senior living facilities caused by James Koenig was the reason for his long prison sentence.

The SGRV property has many problems because it has been poorly maintained for ten years due to cash flow limitations. The SGRV property has the following dangerous living conditions:

1. Bad electrical wiring and apartment fires.
2. Obstructed and uneven walkways causing injuries.
3. Fire danger citations for broken elevator phones.
4. Mosquito infestations in moldy fountains (pictured).
5. Extensive cockroach problems putting the elderly at risk.
6. Documented toxic mold cause by leaky pipes in the apartment walls.
7. Poor swimming pool maintenance resulting in many closings.
8. Restaurant closed due to raw sewage in the kitchen and dining room.
9. Recent toxic mold found in men’s room in the club house.
10. Wires and electrical boxes dangling off the outside walls not properly secured.

This has been documented by Maricopa County Environmental Services, Pro-Lab/SSPTM, Inc., recorded testimonies by a private detective, and notarized/written statements.

SGRV went bankrupt in 2014 and was acquired by Fannie Mae. Hoazilla LLC purchased the distressed property in a 2015 auction. Hoazilla LLC has hired the management company Tarantino Properties. Presently, SGRV is undergoing a massive remodeling and will soon open under the new name of THE FOUNTAINS AT LAKE PLEASANT.

Sadly. it appears that the SGRV remodel is simply a cosmetic fix and it is not addressing the dangerous safety and health dangers. In talking to the SGRV workers they say they are unlicensed. We see no building permits issued by Peoria like was done to repair the recent apartment fire. We have asked the Peoria Building Maintenance and Permit Department to oversee this project that it is done right to protect the future elderly residents.

My wife and I were residents of SGRV in 2009 and she is very sick from the rejection of her transplanted liver caused by her exposure to toxic black mold in her #1027 SGRV apartment. We saw many injuries and a death caused by the uneven walkways. We had relatives get sick from the SGRV dirty pool. We saw two apartment fires at SGRV. We saw a senior trapped in her apartment for several days after an injury because her alarm system was broken. We even saw the SGRV elevator kill a resident’s dog because it did not close properly.

We wish SGRV (The Fountains at Lake Pleasant) well but we want to insure that the dangerous property conditions for the elderly does not continue to put them at risk.


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